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I’m SO OVER Perfect Timing…

JUST GOT BACK from Aidan's game and now I'm knocking out some #laundry before hittin' my #workout. THIS IS A REMINDER that my challenge group is open to you - if you're ready.  Have you always wanted to do a program like this?  I've #finally decided it is my time- #nomoreexcuses #nomoreprocrastinating ;). CLICK HERE:… Continue reading I’m SO OVER Perfect Timing…

at home fitness, p90x3, workouts

PiYo Girl Meets P90X3

How this PiYo girl feels about X3 so far, and how I did things a little differently this week! (Click link to watch video): P90X3 Week 2 Day 8 Total Syn: To be a part of my challenge groups, please contact me

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P90 X3 Day Four The Challenge

WHAT IS YOUR WHY? So, here's the deal: it doesn't matter so much of how you finish (imo), than it does WHY you are pushing yourself to finish in the first place. We often hear and push ourselves to "finish strong," (that's what we say).. ..But if I don't know WHY I WANT to finish… Continue reading P90 X3 Day Four The Challenge