When Chocolate Cravings Strike!

Hey, guys! Coach Angel here! So, I was in the store this morning and had a major chocolate craving come on me, and it just made me think. “I gotta make a video about this moment right here” – and just share with other people how I overcome situations like that, right?



So, usually if I would’ve had a chocolate Shakeology this morning, or any Shakeology for that matter, it would have nipped it in the bud, like, before it even came on, because it really works for me that way. However, I chose to have just a quick protein for breakfast with my coffee, took some coffee to go with me and a banana, and ran out the door. had to go bring my children to school early this morning, had to get gas, run some errands, get some groceries… and… Did I mention I only got about 4 hours of sleep last night?
So, I’m really fatigued, which is my number one trigger or when I recognize I’m going to get off my meal plan, eat whatever I can, and especially craving sweets, particularly chocolate. So, that’s the situation I was in this morning.

And here are my tips on how I deal with it:

#1 I have to first recognize theTruth.. And the truth of the matter is, my body does not need a big ol’ bag of Reeses Peanut Butter cups, even though that’s what I’m craving. So, that’s the first part of the battle: knowing why you’re craving what you’re craving. I already know that I’m tired, my body’s fatigued, and I probably am a little dehydrated to boot! 😉 So, maybe for you, it’s emotional at that moment. Ya know, I get emotional cravings, as well… {enter ice cream and pickles) :-P. So, the important part of step one is just recognizing the TRUTH of what’s happening, so you don’t immediately give in.

#2 Choose a Healthy Reward. I chose Chocolate Shakeology as my healthy reward for when I got home and I knew I could make it, and for you it could be the same or maybe it’s just a “healthier” reward, right?

#3 is to Switch Your Focus. So, instead of thinking, “I can’t have chocolate, I can’t have chocolate, I can’t have chocolate….” We’re going to switch our focus to, “I can have chocolate Shakeology as soon as I get home!” Right?! Now, some people would say, “Well, Angel, to me, what’s the harm… or no harm no foul… just give in to a little bit of chocolate.” This is true maybe once, maybe twice, maybe up to three times a week (if you’re following 21 Day Fix, and it’s just a small piece), but if I was to give in to that every single time and every single day, and go overboard – especially if I know I can’t trust myself to, you know, reign in and keep it under control and keep it within my portion for the day. Then I’m gonna instead choose to “Fight the good Fight,” as I would say. Keep my eyes on the prize, stay focused on my goals and why I want the thing – the health and the fitness goals that I’ve set for myself, right?

So, #4 would be to check in with your coach! Or, you know, at least a close friend, maybe somebody else that’s on this journey with you. This is where challenge groups are really powerful. You can post to the group “I’m struggling” and like five people are gonna jump on you and say, “Don’t give in!” And that’s when you realize you’re not alone.
After you’ve checked into the group and either (a) announced your struggle and worked through it, or (b) announced, “Hey! I made it through a moment of struggle, all on my own! It was awesome – I implemented the tips and I made it!” Everybody can high five you and you’re feeling on top of the world.

So, #5 is: You get to rest WITH peace of mind, and a sense of accomplishment.

Those are my tips for dealing with cravings, so, that at the end of the day, I STILL FEEL GOOD. (And you can, too)!!

Pursuing a Life Fit,

Coach Angel


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Learn More about Shakeology: myshakeology.com/angelballance

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