Have you made room for YOUR blessing?

Have you made room for YOUR BLESSING? “If I didnt have to work all day and could stay home like you, I’d eat better and workout all the time and be so healthy! —– #But… I don’t have TIME… so… I have a good enough excuse to stay unhealthy and unhappy !” ‚̧ūüĎČ Do youContinue reading “Have you made room for YOUR blessing?”

10 Favorite Foods Made Healthier

10 of my favorite foods I have learned to eat healthier and/or make “clean” (fix-friendly, too) so I can enjoy them more freely.¬† What would your 10 be?¬† Which of these would you like me to share?¬† What would you add? 1.¬† Chips and Dip 2.¬† Pizza 3.¬† Burgers & fries 4.¬† Quesadillas 5.¬† IceContinue reading “10 Favorite Foods Made Healthier”

Meal Plan Week One – 21 Day Fix and FFF Groups!

Today wasn’t just¬†about the SAINTS game, (yep, I’m a Louisiana mama – Black and Gold forever) –¬†but it was game time for the Ballance household¬†today! After mistakenly missing our 9AM service¬†this morning (whoops), we pushed our church service plans to 10:45 AM service and instead I went to work on our meal plan for thisContinue reading “Meal Plan Week One – 21 Day Fix and FFF Groups!”

I’m hungry. No, wait – Could I really be thirsty? 5 tips for Getting More Water in your day.

Hey!¬† Did you know?¬† When our bodies don’t get enough water, the dehydration can be MASKED as hunger?¬† It’s true! We could very well often be overeating because we are thirsty, and not hungry.¬†¬† The more water we drink, the more satisfied our bodies feel.¬† What does that mean for our eating?¬† Well, it couldContinue reading “I’m hungry. No, wait – Could I really be thirsty? 5 tips for Getting More Water in your day.”

When Chocolate Cravings Strike!

Hey, guys! Coach Angel here! So, I was in the store this morning and had a major chocolate craving come on me, and it just made me think. ‚ÄúI gotta make a video about this moment right here‚ÄĚ – and just share with other people how I overcome situations like that, right? WATCH MY YOUTUBEContinue reading “When Chocolate Cravings Strike!”