Have you made room for YOUR blessing?

Have you made room for YOUR BLESSING? “If I didnt have to work all day and could stay home like you, I’d eat better and workout all the time and be so healthy! —– #But… I don’t have TIME… so… I have a good enough excuse to stay unhealthy and unhappy !” ā¤šŸ‘‰ Do youContinue reading “Have you made room for YOUR blessing?”

3 Quick Fixes for Your Shake #BoostUp

Shakes are a great, go-to fast food for me, helping me get an entire nutrient-packedĀ meal or post workout snack in whenever I need it – especially when running out the door to get kids to school, after an exhausting workout, or forĀ a lazy, no-cooking dinner night at home. Ā šŸ˜‰ I will often use my shakesContinue reading “3 Quick Fixes for Your Shake #BoostUp”

Meal Plan Week One – 21 Day Fix and FFF Groups!

Today wasn’t justĀ about the SAINTS game, (yep, I’m a Louisiana mama – Black and Gold forever) –Ā but it was game time for the Ballance householdĀ today! After mistakenly missing our 9AM serviceĀ this morning (whoops), we pushed our church service plans to 10:45 AM service and instead I went to work on our meal plan for thisContinue reading “Meal Plan Week One – 21 Day Fix and FFF Groups!”

When Chocolate Cravings Strike!

Hey, guys! Coach Angel here! So, I was in the store this morning and had a major chocolate craving come on me, and it just made me think. ā€œI gotta make a video about this moment right hereā€ – and just share with other people how I overcome situations like that, right? WATCH MY YOUTUBEContinue reading “When Chocolate Cravings Strike!”