All-New Faith, Food, & Fitness 21 Day Challenge: NOW ENROLLING

Connecting faith to our eating and sweating!



Faith, Food, and Fitness is an 21 Day challenge (plus a few days before launch date for prep) designed to get you mentally, physically, and spiritually at God’s best for you, your body, and your health inside out – so you can live life to the fullest.

You will participate in one of our DVD fitness programs or online workouts of your choice from our member library, track your eating habits, learn about portion control, with an emphasis on the importance of nutrition, non-scale victories, doing good for others, and God’s Word.  
We will use our faith to better our daily lives and the lives of those around us.


If there is one thing that I have learned from my time serving in ministry under my spiritual mother, Dr. Debbie, (and my Soul-Care sisters!) it is that ALL of life’s issues come out of and are a result of the condition of our HEART- and so therefore, we should filter all judgement and thoughts towards ourselves based on how God sees our hidden person – our heart.  

Many times in scripture, the heart or center of a person’s being is referred to as the soul.  And there is an undeniable connection between our soul, our spirit, and our body.   It is amazing how the soul – our thoughts (mind) actions (will) and feelings (emotions) that we engage in or allow in from outside sources can daily impact how we treat and view our bodies.  It is my desire to have those 3 parts that make up who we are as His daughters work more perfectly and harmoniously together, for a more abundant (and peace-filled) everyday life – as well as for the purpose He has called each of us to – to love Him, love others, and love ourselves.


As a coach and encourager to other people invested in our products, I enjoy helping my challengers.  I’ve also spent a lot of days uncomfortable in my own skin, feeling alone and not enough.  Good days were determined by a number on the scale or what dress size is currently comfortable to slip into, the praise received from my fellow teammates and mentors, or the rank held in my online office.

All of that started changing when I began seeing a connection between some of the reasons and thoughts I put behind reaching for certain foods and smaller jeans, with the things I also just so happened to be seeking spiritually.  Some of them were down right eye opening – and freeing.  And while I believe life is too short to skip brownies all together, I also believe there is purpose in keeping balance in how we choose the foods we use to feed our bodies daiimage


Since being part of challenge groups for a year now, and getting my feet wet in leading both large and small ones, I have decided to create a space in which we add the element of FAITH – because it is the one thing missing to tie it all together and bring deeper meaning to what we are achieving.  We need His Word to transform our thoughts, feelings, and actions towards health and fitness – to truly “shape up” or become “fit” – both physically AND spiritually.  To have hearts and bodies both strong, willing, and equipped to serve Him fully, wherever and whenever He may provide opportunity.

I love this one truth every leading coach in Beachbody reminds us of regularly, and that I personally strive to motivate others to remember:

Weight loss isn’t just calories burned.  It’s about knowing WHY you want to lose weight, and attaching that reason to every workout and every meal plan.  Determining your WHY is the critical piece of long term reimage


Fitness is about something much bigger than a dress size or sculpted abs.

This is not support you get at a gym or fitness studio.

This is not about shame or guilt.

This is attaching a deeper reason to sweat and food.

This is about gaining confidence, joy, faith for your fitness and your goals.

This is about FINDING YOU, Finding GOD’s purpose in your fitness goals, and KNOWING YOUR WORTH.

Are you up for the challenge that could change your life? 

What does it involve? 
Step One:
Select your challenge pack. This is a group designed for all levels of fitness there are three particular programs that participants can select:

Step Two:
Each participant will dedicate 21 Days to participating in an online accountability group.

  • Participants will work out on their own time using one of the programs mentioned above
  • Replace one meal a day with all natural, nutrient dense Shakeology 
  • Check into the group for tips motivation, recipes, encouragement, and additional meal plan support.
  • Spend time reflecting on the scriptures shared each day.
  •  Follow the 21 Day Devotional Guide provided daily.

    We kick off July 20th. We will participate in one week of preparation before officially beginning our journey.  All challenge packs must be ordered by JUNE 15th to participate. 

Why is this Group Different?

  • An environment that focuses first on the Word concerning health and fitness
  • A place for tips, motivation and accountability through me as your coach
  • Provided meal plans, recipes, snack ideas to help you stay accountable without ever feeling deprived
  • A new, refreshing way of looking at fitness and nutrition.
  • An opportunity to surround yourself with people who raise your spirits and help you remain focused on your health.
  • One on one personalized coaching through phone or private message (optional) with me as your coach each week during the challenge.

Looking forward to working with you!

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