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Apple Banana Muffins

Last week I shared that these apple banana muffins Donald made were a big hit with the kids, and promised to share the recipe. If you're like me, you're a mom always looking for healthier school snack alternatives that aren't fill of refined sugar , don't stick to dental work LOL, and aren't met with… Continue reading Apple Banana Muffins

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Berry Good Maple French Toast

Mamas, Some mornings I have to convince my kids that my healthier ingredients also taste better! This morning was one of those times. It was up for debate if Mama's French Toast is as good tasting if not better than the school's French Toast. My 8 year old was highly skeptical ...AND THEN we drizzled… Continue reading Berry Good Maple French Toast

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Have you made room for YOUR blessing?

Have you made room for YOUR BLESSING? "If I didnt have to work all day and could stay home like you, I'd eat better and workout all the time and be so healthy! ----- #But... I don't have TIME... so... I have a good enough excuse to stay unhealthy and unhappy !" ‚̧ūüĎČ Do you… Continue reading Have you made room for YOUR blessing?

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How to Get Back on Track after Easter

So, this morning I woke up to a slightly more quiet house than expected since the kids are home for Easter break and have no school today (yay for no snow days this year)! And it suddenly occurred to me that we did an entire Easter weekend without candy and without complaints!  I started wondering… Continue reading How to Get Back on Track after Easter

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Barbeque Spaghetti Squash Sliders 

Barbeque is one of those foods we could eat every week and never get bored!  (Right along with Mexican)!  And sliders are just the most fun and kid-friendly way to serve it up! Try them this weekend? Barbecue Spaghetti Squash Sliders IngredientsParchment paper1 medium spaghetti squash (about 3 lbs.)2 Tbsp. olive oil, divided use¬ľ tsp.… Continue reading Barbeque Spaghetti Squash Sliders¬†

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BUSY MOMS BOOTCAMP *Fall Favorites Edition 

Ahhh I LOVE  to even write the words ‚ÄúFall Favorites‚ÄĚ because I am sooo looking forward to flannel button up shirts and cozy cardigans...  But, seriously‚Ķ. by the time that I kick off this group we will be right in the middle of fall flavors like cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin spice, and apple everything! So I… Continue reading BUSY MOMS BOOTCAMP *Fall Favorites Edition¬†

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My Daily “For Sure”

I've been asked what supplements I take,¬† whether I eat 100% "clean" or paleo, GF or IIFYM, if I take Vitamin E's, B's, A's, probiotics or what... LOL... So, here goes... I drink a shake a day. One Shakeology a day is my "for sure" daily intake. ‚ô°‚ô°‚ô°‚ô°‚ô° I no longer buy all the extra… Continue reading My Daily “For Sure”


10 Favorite Foods Made Healthier

10 of my favorite foods I have learned to eat healthier and/or make "clean" (fix-friendly, too) so I can enjoy them more freely.¬† What would your 10 be?¬† Which of these would you like me to share?¬† What would you add? 1.¬† Chips and Dip 2.¬† Pizza 3.¬† Burgers & fries 4.¬† Quesadillas 5.¬† Ice… Continue reading 10 Favorite Foods Made Healthier

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Back2School + Back2YOU!

With the kids going back to school, it's time to get back to YOU! I don't know about you, but summer time always throws my personal "me time" off - or completely out the window some days!¬† And it can be difficult to focus on myself, my goals, my eating, my workouts, my reading, ...… Continue reading Back2School + Back2YOU!


All-New Faith, Food, & Fitness 21 Day Challenge: NOW ENROLLING

Connecting faith to our eating and sweating! CLICK TO HEAR ANGEL'S PERSONAL VIDEO MESSAGE ON YOUTUBE Faith, Food, and Fitness is an 21 Day¬†challenge (plus a few days before launch date¬†for¬†prep)¬†designed to get you mentally, physically, and spiritually at God's best for you, your body, and your health inside out - so you can live… Continue reading All-New Faith, Food, & Fitness 21 Day Challenge: NOW ENROLLING