Loved & Loving: The Best Version Of Me 21 Day Challenge!


Ask yourself this:  What does the best version of me look like?   Is it more external or internal?

How often do you look in the mirror and pick apart, put down, or scowl and groan about all the little parts of you that don’t “fit” the picture in your mind???  How often is it followed by a thought about your value to your spouse, as a friend, how you “fit” into other social circles or a role model to your kids?

NOW Ask yourself… do I display the best version of me to other people?  You know, to the cashier taking too long on the checkout lane, to the snotty-nosed kid in your son’s class with a smart mouth, to your boss when he’s not in earshot (ouchie), ….

I think we could all use help strengthening this area of loving others AND loving ourselves…


Strengthening your spiritual core is just as important as your physical core…. and it is not just for our benefit —it’s also for the benefit of others.

God has called us to love him and to love others… No Doubt. But how can I pour out of where I’m already running low or empty on love, kindness, and patience with myself??

To “love my neighbor as I love myself,” I gotta actually love, value, and esteem MYSELF, as God’s most valuable and precious creation… and when I see me as HE sees me, I’m pretty awesome, I must say!


I know what I say isn’t so easy… Ive struggled for YEARS (somewhere around the age of 13) with receiving the unconditional love that God gives and trying to LOVE myself (body included)… and don’t get me started on how that impacted my marriage (oh, yes… it isnt always pretty).

We think we must somehow EARN God’s  love or make ourselves more PICTURE PERFECT in order to receive love from others. This line of thinking only adds stress to my mind, and that always ends in a binge-fest of ice cream and peanut butter cups galore. It is when I feel least loveable that I reach for salty, sweet, salty, then sweet again… over and over self-sabotaging the “fit me” I see inside, waiting to be celebrated on the outside!!

IT ALWAYS AMAZES ME that in all my mess my husband still loves me so unreservedly… and then I am reminded that this is also how God has loved me…. that way before I was aware of all my serious character flaws, and back when I was intentionally messing stuff up in my life… He loved me anyway.



And today… despite my tummy pouch, my mommy belly, my jiggly thighs and hips, my cellulite, my wrinkles, and even my temper…. I AM LOVED.  I am loveable and I can be loving! And I can choose to LOVE my body into health and fitness for a longer, more fulfilling life.





The truth is… it’s okay to want to be strong, healthy, loving life… because that’s when we are able to be the best version of ourselves!  To live fearlessly, boldly,  and confidently. .. to reach goals in not just health but in LIFE!

Since it is impossible to offer what you do not have, we must first “fill ourselves up” with God’s love, in order to give that love away…..

Have you been putting off a 5, 10, 15 year  dream to feel more confident in your skin, your family photos, your social outings?

Don’t put that dream aside any longer.


LOVED & LOVING 21 Day Challenge will help us BOLDLY love the body and life we’ve been given… to see  the “Best Version of ME” …. living life undaunted by obstacles and roadblocks that previously kept us from crossing into the broken promises we made to ourselves in decades gone by.

Join us today for plan and prep week NOW (free) THROUGH February 8th and you can also stream workouts online (free for the  30 days … that’s longer than the challenge itself)!

You get to CHOOSE to start workouts with us on February 8th OR February 15th, using the fitness & nutritional tools and solutions  provided to you in your kit (or online) and in our group.

This group is a CLOSED, private, online accountability group where I will help to match you up with the fitness and nutritional program that meets your needs and your lifestyle BEST… and you will be supported daily by me, the group of challengers with you, and my team.



Each of us will be replacing 1 meal a day with Shakeology for 21-30 days. I HIGHLY recommend Shakeology, but, if you prefer sports line supplements over nutritional shakes… you may also choose Beachbody Performance Line for pre/post workout recovery.




My goal as your coach is to teach you how to make clean(er) healthier eating  lifestyle changes instead of just a fad/crash diet… so it STICKS with you longer after the challenge.  The eating guide I recommend will teach you how to fuel your body for ENERGY instead of comfort or cravings, so you won’t starve and you will see and feel results.   I will share my personal meal plans, recipes, snack ideas, restaurant/eating out tips and more with you.


Each day you will log in to the group to find a tip from me and a faith-based devotional post, weekly videos around accomplishing goals and creating new habits for the life you most desire, accountability from me and others in the group and motivation to keep going when you would otherwise not feel like it.

And I’ll be sharing my personal struggles and practical everyday solutions, as well!


With the program, the support,  and the Word,… this is your year to live life to the full!

I’m your coach for life!  Way beyond this 21 day challenge.  I love what I do and the lives I see change for the better.  So much so, It is was motivated me to become a coach.  With the added accountability of living fit outloud, I’m aiming to never quit or stop loving on myself again, and to always reach for the next mama ready to join me in loving on others !


The PLAN for the Best Version of Me: LOVED & LOVING 21 Day Challenge is:

1.  Me as your coach!  I must be your assigned TBB coach.

2.  You will participate in daily devotionals and accountability check-ins of the group.  Just 2-5 minutes a day… that’s it!  You can do that!

3.  You will commit to both a BB program of your choice and Shakeology  (or Performance Line stack) for 21 days to help you get  the best possible results, improve your overall health, and feel more awesome every day.

4.    You have a great desire and willingness to change some habits that have previously held you back , adopting new ones for eating and living healthier.


If you agree to the PLAN… then it’s time to join the challenge!  I’ll be following up with you within 24 hours to get you into our group, plugged in to our devotionals and daily tips, and started with the program of your choice!

This is all about me sharing my heart with you and what has worked so well for me to get fit – inside, out!
And I’m so excited to begin the Loved & Loving BEST VERSION OF ME Challenge with you! No more waiting or putting yourself on the back burner….  Let’s get started!

CHOOSE YOUR PROGRAM & SHAKE BELOW and fill out the application with your best email for me to send you instructions on how to order your kit!!

That’s it!!  Watch your inbox for an email from ME (  Once I receive confirmation of your order, you’ll be entered into my private challenge group on facebook (go ahead and connect with me here:  My Facebook Page)

Can’t wait to welcome you into our Faith & Fitness Accountability Group!


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