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When it’s all Too Hard

We can KNOW that God has led us to this moment to do this one thing for ourselves, but the enemy (the oppressor) wants to convince us otherwise…

See… the enemy doesn’t want to see you finish.  No, he’s called the oppressor for a reason.

OPRESSOR means he’s constantly at the ready to HOLD YOU DOWN and keep you from progressing.  But whether the enemy is trying to hold us back from establishing a workout routine, or he is keeping us locked in emotional eating cycles… we have a HELPER to see us through….

Click image to watch video below (fast forward to minute mark 5:28)

THis is a sample teaching and bible discussion LIVE from one of my Faith for Fitness CHallenge Groups. I’d love to invite you into my next one.  I’m always hosting health and fitness accountability groups with a dose of faith and a huge heart for seeing you achieve your goals ;-).  Request more info HERE or join my Made to Crave Food Freedom Summer Group HERE

Living LIfe Fit and in HIs Love,
ANgel Ballance



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