My Daily “For Sure”

I’ve been asked what supplements I take,  whether I eat 100% “clean” or paleo, GF or IIFYM, if I take Vitamin E’s, B’s, A’s, probiotics or what… LOL…

So, here goes… I drink a shake a day.

One Shakeology a day is my “for sure” daily intake.


I no longer buy all the extra multivitamins, supplements, etc I used to before July 2014… 😉 And I save $ money doing it.

It is budgeted right into our month, along with groceries.  And it serves as one of our meals each day.


It’s not a 90 grams of protein shake or a burn your fat all day long shake or a go to sleep and wake up thin shake.  It’s not even a wire you all day until you crash at night shake.

It IS a nutrient dense whole foods shake and the best way for me to get so much beneficial superfoods and pre/probiotics, amino acids, digestive enzymes… and on and on… running throughout my body for health and wellness from the inside out shake.

And it tastes like dessert. 🍧 Which never hurts.  😋


And when I want, sure, I’ll add a scoop of extra digestive health, power greens or focused energy from the new Boosts…

…you know… for MORE healthy good stuff in my body where my ‘other’ eating that day may have missed a spot…. or two.  🍔🍟😋


Well, that’s how I do it, anway! 💋

#inhealthdoishake #lifefitmama



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