Self-Care is Not Selfish

“Hey, y’all”  can I just say?

hey yall

It is AMAZING to me lately to realize how much we mamas PUSH and HUSTLE in such a short 2 hour time span every school morning to get these kids up, on their feet, fed well, hydrated, groomed, covered, packed for the day, and sent out into the world equipped and ready with a positive mindset for anything they may encounter so they can be successful!!

car angel donald girls

Phew… we pour out so much sweat and goodness to our children so freely and readily because:

A. We love them unconditionally – they don’t have to do anything to “earn” our care and attention.

B. We recognize their needs and know that we are the only ones responsible to meet those needs – so we rise to the occasion each and every day to do that.

So… hear my heart on this …. Isn’t it okay to do the same for ourselves?? Take 30 minutes.. take an hour…take two … to recognize responsibility for our own body/soul/strength needs and give attention to them day in and day out without guilt?

Mamas… self care is not selfish … self care is allowing our whole self to be loved unconditionally and fully equipped (made ready) for another day ♡.

Here are some examples of self care… which of them do you already do every day? Which ones do you sometimes feel guilty about it?

1. Long shower or bath
2. Exercise
3. Massage
4. Moms Night Out
5. Lunch with a friend
6. Reading a book
7. Watching a movie alone
8. Planning healthy meals
9. Journal your thoughts/habits
10. Go for a walk / jog / run
11. Buy something you “want”
12. Buy something you “need”
13. Go to a women’s only event

List yours in the comments below! Is there one I didn’t list?? Tell me what you do for self-care!


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