My Gut Health Struggle and Foods that Helped Me Heal Naturally

Gut Health: My Story of overcoming a decades-long struggle with symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, spastic colon, heartburn, acid reflux, …and how I eventually received healing, reversing all symptoms naturally.


Here are the list of Foods for GUT HEALTH that helped me get rid of IBS/excessive diarrhea  bloating cramping, spastic colon, acid reflux and heartburn.

Please remember… It takes TIME.   These were small steps taken over time that eventually added up to helping me heal and reverse my symptoms.

1. Bone broth, Collagen, & LGlutamine

2. Steamed Veggies

3.  Leafy veggies, as well as cruciferous and avocado.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar

5. Pickle Juice

6. Avoiding grains, sugar, dairy, highly processed foods

7. wild caught fish like salmon

8. Probiotics and Prebiotics (I get mine from Shakeology)

9. Coconut oil

10. Wheat grass (also in Shakeology).

11. Chewing more thoroughly

12. Blueberries, antioxidants (also in in Shakeology)

13. Peppermint (fresh or oil)

14. Exercize, moving daily.

15. Hydration – more waters and water containing foods.

16. Healthy Fats and eating higher fat, both medium and long chain (such as OLIVES, FLAX, AVOCADO).

17. Digestive enzymes (also in Shakeology)

18. De-stress, honor my body’s need for rest and recovery.

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