Okra & Tomatoes “Southern Rice” Side Dish – HFLC / 2B Mindset / Fix Approved

Do you sometimes crave that southern food flavors from when you were a kid? But you dont necessarily crave the bloat or gut upset from the white rices and flour filled gravies?
Last night was one of those nights for me. My husband mentioned cooking up some extra okra and tomatoes and immediately I started salivating.
I knew I needed some extra veggies to make my meal plan complete for the day, and that I still had a major appetite (my hunger increases when I lift weights). So, I reached for cauliflower rice and cooked it down in evoo, cayenne, salt, garlic powder. Smothered it with the tomatoes and okra and y’all!
okra cauli rice

Such a better solution than battered and fried okra, and 3x the amount of veggies while fooling my tongue with amazing flavor so I don’t feel like I am missing out!!
This is an absolute MUST TRY if you’re like me and have those southern cravings once in awhile but wanna keep it on the healthier side of life!
Tell me… would you try it? Did your mama or grandma cook okra when you were little? Have you ever ‘healthified’ a southern dish? I would love to hear about it!

By the way… more about “southern traditions” and health here.

Oh!  And… click to learn more about HFLC, 21 Day Fix , or 2B Mindset.  Ready to start working with me as your coach on a solid fitness and nutrition plan?  I got your back!  Go here for all the deets on how to join my online community.

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