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Will you be my Galentine? 💕 Hey, Fit Friends!! real quick – I see you showing up for yourselves day in and day out in my LIVE classes and online community AND you’re always cheering each other on and celebrating every win together – I love it!

Since we always say that every win is worth celebrating, we are inviting you to bring your friends for a special VALENTINE’s Pre Holiday Class on Sunday Feb 13 at 1pm CST

We want to celebrate our Galentines and Fit Friends in a fun partner style 45min WARRIOR Strength Master class!!

This class is special because my friend and fellow WARRIOR Master Trainer Heather Shields @hnshields is joining me @angelballance ! And let me say you are in for a special treat anytime she is on the mic!

If you’re reading this right now – we want to invite you! Go click the link in my profile (or just visit and register for our free class! We will send you all the details in your email so you can join us!

Faith for Life Fit: The Emotional Eating Rollercoaster 🎢

Romans 8:14 The mature children of God are those who are moved by the impulses of the Holy Spirit.

John 15:8  When your lives bear abundant fruit, you demonstrate that you are my mature disciples who glorify my Father!

Embrace the power of growth + and the possibilities of tomorrow 🙌 If you put in the work and you show up for yourself consistently, those things you want are inevitable.

You don’t have to be further along than where you are right now – the YOU you are right now has learned the lessons you need to know to reach those big dreams. Your experiences were lessons to prepare you for your future self. 

So, don’t fret about things you see as bad choices from the past. Don’t worry about your challenges or wish for things to have been different. Instead, learn to look for and appreciate the lessons… and as you learn, know that you can always grow. You can always move. You can always show up for yourself today. 

Take a Moment to Reflect on a difficult time from your past + share the lesson you learned.

Recipe: Chocolate Mousse

Calories don’t do something to me. They are the energy to do something for me.”

How crazy is it that diet culture has us fearing calories, when in reality, calories are the energy we need to live this wild, amazing, beautiful life?! Calories are what help you focus at work, carry your body through a yoga flow, take care of your kids, have a conversation with your best friend, push hard through a workout. 

So, as you sit down to eat (maybe this Chocolate Mousse 😍)… thank the calories you’re putting into your body for everything they support you in doing!


– 4 oz soft tofu

– 1 scoop Chocolate Shakeology

– ¼ cup unsweetened almond milk

– 1 tbsp all-natural nut butter (almond, peanut, cashew)

– 1 medium strawberry, sliced (for garnish, optional)


1. Place the tofu, Shakeology, almond milk, and nut butter in a food processor or blender – pulse until smooth.

2. Place mousse in a medium serving bowl; garnish with strawberry if you want! Other fun toppings could be shredded coconut, other sliced fruits, or even cacao nibs.

This recipe makes 1 serving.

Tell me about one of the meals that helped to fuel your body today – share in your stories & tag me!

What’s best: At Home or in the Gym?

For consistency’s sake, shouldn’t we be flexible with where we need to get our workout in from one day to the next? Tell me your opinion in the comments 👇🏻

  • some days I need to be in a group of other people for fun!
  • some days my kids need me home and I can’t get to the gym.
  • some days I want to workout in my solitude , barefoot, and without thinking about what I’m going to wear lol
  • some days I wouldn’t get it done if I didn’t do it at 6am from my home office
  • some days I need the equipment at the gym to train heavier or differently
  • some days I wanna chat with virtual fit friends and train with different instructors
    Whatever the reason, fit friends, it’s okay to do both – ESPECIALLY if it helps you be more consistent and do fitness YOUR way!

If you’re an instructor- have you branched out to teach virtually yet? Tell me below yes or why not?

And don’t forget… I can help you!


Hey FIT friends!!! Let’s do this together!!!

You’re invited to 4 Weeks to Fit… and we start NOW!!

A 28-day nutrition, fitness, and commitment challenge for all abilities, ages, and goals! Our goal with this group is to make the most of the shortest month of our year with accountability + balance for all our fit friends! Each day, we will share a fit tip, challenge, or assignment for us to link arms and tackle together as we choose HEALTH in 2022! Here are our daily themes to get excited about!

🔩 Big Smiles Sunday, a weekly tracker to boost your mood to kick start each week,

🔩 Move More Monday, a weekly movement challenge,

🔩 Track Your Treats Tuesday, sweet recipes to incorporate in any plan,

🔩 Winter Wednesday Motivation Tips,

🔩 “Take 20” Thursday, 20-minute productivity challenges,

🔩 Full Body Love Friday, diving into body scan meditation practice each week, and our FIT CLUB coaching video,

🔩 Soul Care & Stretchy Saturday , a day each week dedicated to build your faith for a healthy self image and bedtime stretches for better sleep!

Interested? Email and I’ll send over more info!

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