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Wow! When I saw this 10 minute video message, realizing that YES, it is applicable everywhere in life, but it is ESPECIALLY applicable in our business and service to others as Beachbody Coaches, it really served as a fire to present this opportunity to more people and REACH for the dream, the life, the success that God has gifted in your heart to believe for.

I’m so glad we are surrounded in this business by people who show us the level of success POSSIBLE to all of us – if we will believe and raise a standard for ourselves.

In every organization, in every FAMILY and home, in every workplace and ministry, there is a STANDARD.

What’s the purpose of a standard?

A standard sets the tone, the ways or methods, and the level of expectation for what is to be accomplished.

STANDARD, defined:
(1) a level of quality or attainment.
(2) an idea or thing used as a measure, norm, or model in comparative evaluations.

You see, without a standard set, life and business is lived willy-nilly and without stability, without security, without constancy, and WITHOUT VISION. Without a vision, the people perish, the Bible says. They run rampid and wild and – can’t you see it? They accomplish NOTHING of value at the end of their days.

It is WITH a standard established for ALL to see and know you by, that success at the thing you want to accomplish is able to come to fruition.

With a standard in mind and always before you, you have a measuring stick to hold your decisions to. The closer your decisions fall within the standard, the more likely or the higher degree of success you can achieve.

Let’s look at weightloss, exercise, and eating. Imagine that you have a goal or a vision to be 30lbs lighter. Part of accomplishing that goal means adjusting your ways of eating food. So, you decide to commit to the 21 Day Fix with Shakeology as your new STANDARD for portion control and clean eating. This means you agree to adopt the 21DF eating plan, workouts, plus a Shakeo a Day as your daily PRACTICE, in order to reach your stated goal. They are your new standard way of eating, working out, and getting the nutrition you need to lose weight healthfully. Any other food or activity that DOES NOT fall WITHIN the eating guide or workout plan DOES NOT meet your new STANDARD of living and being, and therefore may not lead you to your VISION or GOAL, but in fact may lead you away from your intended purpose. So, you PRACTICE staying within the STANDARD every day. The better you get at practicing your created standard every day, the closer you land everyday decisions near your desired mark, and the better, the sooner, you are able to achieve your goal (VISION).  It’s like practicing hitting a bullseye with every dart available to you.  Not all darts will land perfectly at every throw, but every practiced throw perfects your skill and accuracy, increasing your likelihood of hitting the bullseye.

Now, let’s look at coaching.
There are something we call the 3 vital behaviors as our STANDARD of doing business and being successful at coaching, right? Hmmm… well, what are they? Inviting/Sharing opportunities with the people in my circle of influence, Being PROOF the products work (workout + shakeology every day), and personal development (investing in myself every day – feeding positive stuff into my heart and mind).
If I have a vision for success in coaching, I want to PRACTICE this new standard of the 3 Vital Behaviors every day so that I land closer to my stated goal. I want to study and practice the models (standards) that successful coaches are doing, so that I can achieve the same – if not better – level of success!

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And one more thing…

WHEN WE CREATE or RAISE a STANDARD – for anything – the enemy (that old pesky devil and negative thoughts) loses power over that area in our life, the greater and higher degree we are able to perfect it!  WOW… think about that.  Why?  Because the more we practice living up to the new standard we’ve created for a new quality of life, well… the more space it takes up in our thinking and doing… which means the less room the enemy has to creep in with defeat and failure and discouragement and distractions.  Our new way of living, being, thinking, doing is SO IN LINE with our NEW STANDARD, that we can no longer be dissuaded or turned around!  We are able to SEE the finish line, the vision, the goal so clearly, that we can taste nothing else sweeter.  We can imagine no other path greater that would be worth turning about or giving in or giving up.

So, how well are you PRACTICING your own stated goals in life, business, family, health, wealth? For example… When it is just YOU and your kitchen, what STANDARD are you eating at? When it is just YOU and your wallet, what level are you SPENDING at? When it is just YOU and your kids, what level are you parenting at? When it is just YOU and your dream (at your desk), what level are you working at?  When it is just YOU and your dumbbells, what level are you pushing yourself?  When it is just YOU and your faith, what level are you BELIEVING at?

Can you look at areas of your life and see where standards have fallen or lowered, and need to be raised up again (or for the first time ever)? Can you identify where actions and practices haven’t lined up with where you want to be? the things you want for yourself and your family? the quality of life you desire?


So much to self reflect on today. I hope you enjoy this video from Coach Jimmy as much as I have.  I’m so glad we are surrounded in this business by people who show us the level of success POSSIBLE to all of us – if we will believe and raise a standard for ourselves.

Reach out to me if you are ready to RAISE A STANDARD in your life! I’m ready to join forces with you and help you run toward the vision your heart is calling you towards.









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