But, I don’t FEEL like it!

WITHOUT A PLAN, we can eat, live, spend money, and workout according to our EMOTIONS each day.

I don’t know about you, but that leaves even my best intentions more  vulnerable to circumstances and uncontrollable variables.

How many times have you heard or thought to yourself, “But, I don’t FEEL LIKE it,” before deciding whether or not to do what you know deep down you WANT to do for yourself…. and might actually  WOULD be done… IF you actually FELT like it at that moment?  Then kicked yourself in the pants later if you chose to put it off for “later,” only for later to arrive and now, even though you FEEL like it now, you can’t because there’s no time or opportunity to accomplish it.

This is where having a planned time and place in my day for my workouts, eating, whatever… to be completed within can be so liberating and rewarding!  Knowing that – even if I don’t feel like it -when I  actually get in what I had scheduled in my day for  maximum, targeted, and on-purpose planned workouts & meals, I’m still successfully making progress because I didn’t allow “how I feel” in the moment to get in the way of my commitment to better myself.

While not one of my days will be 100% perfect even WITH a plan in place, I’m MUCH MORE SUCCESSFUL at hitting my target goals when I know what they are, how and when to plug into them, and to which degree of intensity each day, DESPITE any UNFORESEEN, surprise, unanticipated disadvantages that arise randomly.

When I know exactly WHAT workouts I’m doing WHEN and FOR HOW LONG based on a planned successful schedule, I AM MORE LIKELY to successfully meet my goals than if I just woke up everyday and “wait to see what I feel like” every day.  It doesn’t mean there won’t be variance from time to time, but 80-90% of my workouts will be ON TARGET, and will contribute to my results.

Same for food, for eating habits, for spending / saving habits,… anything that requires discipline in order to achieve it and maintain it long term for quality of life.

For me… My plan is to eat according to 21 Day Fix portion control system, workout according to P90X3 Classic workout schedule, develop my spirit according to Cross Training devos & Made to Crave for 21 days, and budget my household  according to Dave Ramsey.  🙂

So, no matter WHAT my emotions tell me, whether celebratory or crummy, … I have a plan to follow for success – despite external circumstances.  I may not be able to control my circumstances, but I can certainly determine how I’m going to handle myself, my money, my body, and my food – which will, ultimately, impact my circumstances in the longrun, and just help me feel better about myself in the process.

Do I sometimes fall off the wagon or abandon the plan?  Sure.  But it’s usually very short lived.  Because deep down, I know I THRIVE on the plan.  It helps keep me focused on what I said I wanted for myself… and keeps me connected to my ultimate inner drive for choosing the plan in the first place.


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