What you see now is truly a transformation – from the inside out!



THE WAY I WAS – I was an insecure, cover-me-up and don’t notice me in the corner of the room type of girl, just let me blend in. I was uncomfortable in my clothes, as well as in my bathing suit. Every summer I would say “I need to do something about it,” but instead continued my love affair with food and eating my emotions.


THANKFULLY God presented an opportunity for physical health & fitness freedom that saved me from the drudgery and downward spiral I was living and eating in prior. There was an emotional and spiritual transformation that also took place for me – one that I would never had thought possible – and I’m not done receiving all God has in store for me and my family’s health transformation – from the inside out!!


TODAY I ask how can I share what I’ve learned? How can I share it with more women, mamas, daddies, college girls LIKE ME who have experienced yo-yo dieting or feeling fat or imagines that eating healthy and living strong is too boring or hard. NOTHING is too hard for you – I promise. DON’T GIVE UP or GIVE IN to defeated thinking!!


Do you want help losing weight and getting healthier, stronger, – dare you even think it – FIT??! I would never have imagined seeing abs or muscle on my body – in my mind before, I thought I would always only see fat and weak arms on me. I thought I would always be a slave to ice cream and chocolate chip cookies – powerless to stop the vicious cycle of eating and guilt and feeling lazy or unmotivated.


The programs I have to offer you are put together by PROFESSIONALS in fitness and nutrition. So they work.



They’re clinically tested and scientific, even. LOL… They’ve been tested by REAL and NORMAL human beings like you and me – the ones who thought they were too skinny and the ones who thought they were too fat – the mommies and the daddies and the regular everyday people who somehow let everything go or never felt like they ever had it to begin with….  and yet, with these programs, desired results happened.



They continue to happen in challenge groups like the ones I offer every month.

This is YOUR time, friend. If not YOU, WHO? If not NOW, WHEN? Stop putting yourself off and start creating the freedom you deserve – that you were born to live in everyday.

Email me coachangelb@gmail.com about my upcoming challenge groups, and I’ll help you find the program right for YOU.

#LifeFit #fromtheinsideout

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