Are you an aspiring Fit Mama who also loves Jesus? How could the 2 be connected?

I admit it: I’m weird. I’m a fitness instructor, at-home fitness coach/mentor, healthy lifestyle motivator & mama – who also talks a lot about your faith walk , God’s purpose for your life and that He cares about your body as much as He cares about your soul and spirit – and that what you feed all 3 parts of yourself is an act of love .

I struggled a long time with this idea. That my eating had anything to do with my worship. But what snacked me right between the eyes is God’s blaringly clear truth that my health and my fitness are also directly linked to His commandment…

Love Him with all my heart mind soul strength

And then ALSO

Love my neighbor as I love myself

WAIT… as I love MYSELF??

So what happens to that 2nd commandment when I don’t first love myself simply because He loves me? How can I love Him with ALL my being … but not open my ears to hear what HE has to say about whether or not I did my workout and ate my salad ?

How can I love His people if I Don’t first love this person? If LOVE IS ACTION, and not just affection or thoughts, then… How am I doing in this area of loving myself? I lived a long time resisting the idea that loving myself included how I choose to feed myself and discipline myself, too.

I mean, I understood God’s promises for my soul and health to prosper, and I I had no problem identifying and dealing with negative thinking and forgiveness and strife with others… but… As long as I kept His opinion off of my food and fitness… I was good. I mean I just love cheesecake and chocolate too much! LOL… I was okay with my way of eating without his input. Until I wasnt.

And as His word revealed my rebellion and corrected my attitude… that is when the real faith for fitness journey began.

That’s when old wounds I previously thought unrelated were able to be revealed and I was able to be put back together in places I didn’t know were still torn apart or ripped.

It is why I am So excited to have a virtual space every day to connect with others on their journey and share the Word for their health and their fitness. Would you like to join my life fit community page and private groups on facebook?

I have several opportunities to work with me this month even before summer hits. Let’s chat about how what I do can serve you and the goals you’re believing for!

If you’re searching for a place to put the two together…with grace and conviction… I’m your girl ♡.

I’d love to hear from you and your story with food, fitness, and faith!

Talk more soon?

Angel ♡

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