100 Days to Brave – Day 9 – Your Heart

God loved me even when I was completely rebelling in the worst ways and my life looked like crap, felt like crap, and absolutely left a bunch of others feeling crappy, too. 

And then one day – despite my crap – I was totally smacked in the face with His unconditional love and thought. …What does it look like for me to love Him back?

100 Days to Brave – Day 8 – You Aren’t a Mistake

YOU AREN’T A MISTAKE . You are fearfully and wonderfully made! 

This was a message I needed for SO LONG.  If you don’t know this part of my story, I invite you to get to know how God used this TRUTH in my life to set me FREE from acting and believing like I was less than compared to any other woman, a bother for everybody else to put up with, and a burden to my family as a daughter, to my husband as a wife, to my boss as an employee, to my pastors as an assistant, and to my friends as a person.

100 Days to Brave – Day 7 – The Truth that Sets You Free

Talking today about making our Insecurities quieter, about making our worries lighter, about making our hearts fuller. …and for our #faithforfitness twist: about how all this makes our health and fitness journey easier

Make Your Mark Motivational Chat: In The Marketplace “Do Everything Well”

What’s your gift or talent and skill? What’s something you feel God has given you to do but something is holding you back from doing and doing it well? Talking about doing all things in excellence on the blog today –

Live Mama Coffee Chat: “A Season of Silence” Make Your Mark Series

LIVE! Mama Chat … did you miss it?! In case you did… here’s last week’s Coffee chat and devo time.  Talking about Marketplace Ministry and when it feels like something went wrong, like you are too far off your purpose & God can’t use you…. Sister, I’ve been there! Come chat & pray with meContinue reading “Live Mama Coffee Chat: “A Season of Silence” Make Your Mark Series”

Make Your Mark: In the Home “Mother Mottos” Mama Coffee Chat & Prayer

Hey, mama! Grab your bible, your coffee, and come chat and pray with me! Make Your Mark: In THe HOme “Mother Mottos” Have you thought about what your goals are as a parent? What attitudes and qualities do you want your children to develop? JOin me for a mama time devotional every Monday! On myContinue reading “Make Your Mark: In the Home “Mother Mottos” Mama Coffee Chat & Prayer”

When it’s all Too Hard

We can KNOW that God has led us to this moment to do this one thing for ourselves, but the enemy (the oppressor) wants to convince us otherwise… See… the enemy doesn’t want to see you finish.  No, he’s called the oppressor for a reason. OPRESSOR means he’s constantly at the ready to HOLD YOUContinue reading “When it’s all Too Hard”