GIVEAWAY + LOVE Countdown to Christmas

It’s a GIVEAWAY!  Plus!  ♡ The Love Thyself, Love Others ~ Countdown to Christmas Challenge ♡

21 days of HEALTH – faith, fitness, friendships, food, fun, and family!


Join me in a private accountability group right after Thanksgiving for a Countdown to Christmas!

For 21 days, we will live each day in Gratefulness & Graciousness for living presently and loving on purpose.

As a part of this challenge/accountability group, you will purchase via :

♡ a Challenge Pack containing:
+ one fitness program to fit your lifestyle
+ one eating guide to created specifically for your fitness program
+ one 30 day supply of Shakeology (meal replacement protein/ superfoods nutritional shake)


As a gift, you will recieve:
+FREE Shakeology BOOST *(see video/blog post for details and how to qualify)
+ daily devotionals & prayer centered on healthy lifestyle, loving others, loving Jesus, and loving yourself as He loves you…., living graciously, purposefully, and joyfully.
+ one coach (that’s me)! To support you through the holidays!
+ meal plans, recipes, tips & advice to compliment your eating guide and customize to your lifestyle
+ customized level of one on one coaching based on your goals to get more fit, to lose weight (or maintain, if needed) by Christmas.
+private group accountability, fun, friendship, celebration!


(The packs above are on sale, but these are not your only options.  Click workouts in the above menu bar for more, or email me and we can talk about ideal programs for your specific goals/lifestyle).

I highly suggest ordering your Challenge Pack kit by November 16 to avoid the busy holiday shipping delays!  HURRY to be a part of the GIVEAWAY!!



We will dedicate a few days after Thanksgiving to prep week & getting our hearts and kitchens ready to begin on November 30th.  You are encouraged to participate for optimum readiness and results!


Go to to browse workouts & shakeology options, find out details on the giveaway, and to apply to be considered for this private group.  Call me if you need help choosing one that fits your needs best.  972-567-4612

Please, if you are already working with a coach, ask them about what challenges they may have available to help support you in your Beachbody program.  If you are in need of a coach, please email me directly.

If you’d like to continue your savings, please ask me about the 25% discount membership option.


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