Is tired the new normal? Natural Energy Boost + Stress Regulator

Inflammation and fatigue have just about become regular buzz words in mom groups lately and with good reason in my opinion simply because they are TWO COMMON problems I see moms dealing with every day.

Our immediate knee jerk reaction is usually coffee or the latest fad diet but… what about actually solving the problem instead of exhausting our adrenal or just putting a bandaid on it for short term relief? How about serving the root cause?

In case you missed my post earlier this week
Here was the question:

Since when did “NO ENERGY” become my “new normal?”

Mama of 3 here… so when I started paying attention to eating for my health and energy – I absolutely needed simple solutions that didn’t take a bunch of time and money.

Are you like me? Do you think… THERE IS NO WAY the all sovereign God Who created the entire universe before He then created my body divinely designed it for me to feel like CRAP most of the day!?

But that’s what had happened-
Eyes tired
Head aches
Brain exhausted
Body fatigued
Running on fumes

So, I thought… What am I doing wrong?

All I wanted was a banana split and my Grey’s Anatomy DVR every night, and 6 cups of coffee with Hersheys Kisses in arm’s reach to get me through my days.

Don’t even ask me to plan ahead for my own meals, let alone for my family too… not interested and not motivated and no energy/brain power to do it. I’ll just keep getting by…

I finally realized I couldn’t keep “just getting by” and I deserved better .

One of the simplest and healthiest solutions I adopted into my day is a simple shake that is PACKED with supernutrient powers (yes, it’s a real thing) – phtonutrients/antioxidants/digestive enzymes/adaptogens (be a xool mom and look up those words so you know what they do for you)! This simple solution for me covers everything from increasing and sustaining my energy, to boosting my immune system and helping my body adapt to stress.

▶ I create ONE of my 3 or 4 healthy meals a day with my shake. I can also make it into edible treats!

▶ Often I blend my veggies in so I don’t have to chew a big bowl of salad every day when I really don’t have time to.

▶ It blows my mind how much nutrition is in here without any crap fillers or fake stuff.

▶ It literally gives me a natural high of I FEEL AWESOMENESS in my veins right now kind of energy.

▶ If you think I drink this just for a “post workout protein shake” solution, you missed the point completely and somebody lied to you.

▶ It also isn’t a “weightloss shake” but because of it’s freaking amazing dense nutrition and anti-inflammatory/ disease preventing goodness, the weight your body held onto for its own sort of defense mechanism due to the crap stuff in our “foods” lately… well… the body starts to LET GO of all that (belly fat, back fat, neck fat…) and actually yes – you usually see the extra weight just start melting away. Mine disappeared from my BACK first like CRAZY – (ask to see my 1st 60 days before/after of my back side). WHOA.

▶ And btw…It really is a bargain at $4 per day. (Tell me what SALAD you can get for $4 that can deliver all the super nutrition this shake does- you can’t.)

When I first started paying attention to how I ate and how I felt… I was also able to tell what foods were making me feel like yucky energy vs no energy and long lasting sky rocket energy vs short term crashing energy when I ate it.

THIS is what we focus on in my all-new 7 Day Group. Not adding complicated solutions or stressful rules to our day… as much as LETTING GO of what drags us down and take notice how we feel.

It’s a truly ideal place to start. Next one is 11/3 and it’s perfect timing after the usual “candy craze week” that happens right before then 🎃!

Email “7 Day Group” to to reserve your spot.✅

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