Have you made room for YOUR blessing?

Have you made room for YOUR BLESSING?

“If I didnt have to work all day and could stay home like you, I’d eat better and workout all the time and be so healthy!
—– #But… I don’t have TIME… so… I have a good enough excuse to stay unhealthy and unhappy !”

β€πŸ‘‰ Do you dare read on for some truth? *deep breath* πŸ‘‡β€

I told myself that same line to keep for myself a reason not to have to change the things in my life I knew were not serving me or my family wellness – but secretly I kinda didn’t want to admit it out loud .

And my husband went along with it. Because he was comfy, too, tbh.

::: The truth is :::::

That is a victim mentality.

We DO it (whatever “it” is) when we really want the reward from it to manifest FOR REAL in our lives.

And I mean TRULY WANT it enough to make room for it.

Read that last line again.

Want it Enough to enlarge our tents (Isaiah 54)

Want it Enough for ourselves in such a way we are PERSISTENT about MAKING ROOM for it in our everyday life.

Want it Enough to PERSEVERE through WHATEVER set of circumstances – money, tragedy, loss, inconvenience, troubles, schedules, overwhelm, OTHER PEOPLE’S OBJECTIONS or “feelings” …

This isn’t about anybody but YOU right now.

It is between You and God, Who – by the way – gifted this miraculous machine called a body to you, so you could be in this earth doing awesomeness for Him for as long as you can in a way only YOU can do! So… #dowhatonlyyoucando

Create the space.
Create the finance.
Create the time.

Can I encourage you on perseverance for a minute? What does it mean for us?

πŸ›‡It means We don’t drop what we know will bring the desired result for NOTHING and NOBODY but Jesus Himself.⚠

No! We STUBBORNLY refuse to let up off of the promise til it SHOWS UP and we are actively living in the reward of our hard work!!


Side story about perseverance and other people’s influences on our decisions…

“God is my judge” – that’s what my Paw Paw always told me my middle name means.

I thought he told me that for a good story or to help me feel better when I felt guilty about something.

But now I think it was meant for such a time as this: when I would have to have my own inner resolve to keep moving forward in what matters to me – no matter what anybody else does or does not understand about it.

Even if my husband doesn’t understand it yet – he will. Even if my friends don’t see it yet – they will. Even if my kids wonder what is mom up to now LOL… one day they will get it.

But even if they NEVER do… I PERSEVERE . Nobody to answer to but God and my own conscience.


I wear this shirt and EVERY TIME I am reminded of the opinions, circumstances, and barriers I had to breakthrough to complete that program with my Challengers – during holiday time – no less!

See…. the truth is for a long time I was secretly comfortable with my “guilty pleasures” and physical weaknesses… I was deceived by their false pleasantness and comfortable hiding place. They were making me feel good for a moment… but longterm keeping me STUCK physically emotionally and mentally where I deep inside KNEW I didn’t want to be at forever….

πŸ’”and it was negatively creeping into my self esteem…

πŸ’”my thoughts about myself and my worth as a mom/wife…

πŸ’”my guilt toward my body’s creator …

πŸ’”and my confidence and capacity for believing for true wholeness from the inside out.

πŸ’”At the end of the day… I had no peace.

πŸ‘‰And I knew it even if I didn’t say it aloud. 😟

πŸ’„I knew it even if I didn’t admit it at Women’s Group studies or at Girls Night Out dinners.

πŸ‘–I knew it every time I put on jeans that felt tighter.

🍩I knew it every time I snuck food out of the junk food drawer when nobody was looking.

β˜•πŸ¨I knew it every time I stopped for a drive thru treat and paid cash so there was no transaction in the check register.

πŸ‘•πŸ“·I knew it every time I tugged my shirt down and requested pictures be taken from the waist up.

🀀🏨I knew it every time I went for my annual check up and I had gained weight again

πŸš—πŸ˜΄I knew it every time I felt zonked out by 2pm and was falling asleep in carpool.

I WASN’T HEALTHY. I wasn’t taking care of me. I felt guilty and frustrated about it secretly for YEARS.

Nobody else could do it for me… so… I CHOSE to pick that assignment up and run with it… so I could experience my BLESSING through my obedience. 🌈

The question now is… WILL YOU?

Did you let it go and are ready to pick it back up?

Are you thinking to yourself you know without a doubt you were meant to read this post? To see it and let it sink in?

Do you WANT it enough for yourself to act on it? CLICK HERE … commit to whatever it takes…. Tell me your story and let’s get going.

I am here and ready to run with you.

Go get your blessing.

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