Q: Angel, Are you You Keto? What supplements do you take, if any?

FAQ of the day! Yes, I personally do eat higher fat (((some of you would likely think to call this keto, but there are different version of what people and experts call “keto”… did you realize that? It’s not all the same)))!!
…I am an advocate of choosing to time the eating of my specificallt chosen carbs for optimal energy and fitness, while also filling in my nutritional gaps wisely for anti-aging, anti-stress, gut healing, blood sugar, cholesterol, joint/bone health and heart health!
The last thing this 40 year old mama needs is to miss out on all the rest of the superfood good stuff my body needs (in addition to the good fats)! Coconut oil and avocados are amazing…. but there are so many other foods 🌍God also gave us for health and healing, and some aren’t accessible in our country, with integrity of soil, and many other factors.
I choose my ☝️one daily superfood instead of a dozen vitamins and supplements to fill in the gaps for what I can’t get through food at my local markets,🏡 and it continues to help me heal from the inside out – blood sugar, gut, joints, and all! ☤ I would hate for my body to have to go a day without it!

Have you ever read the book SuperLife by Darin Olien? I highly recommend it!! 

And in case you’re wondering… because I know you will ask…
Yes! 👉 Here is the link to see the one superfood supplement Darin co-created that I have taken daily for 4 years of health constantly improving and would never miss: 👉 https://bchbody.life/2pLfKcY

Any other questions?

Living LIfe Fit & Balanced!

I’d love to get to know you or even work with you on your health and fitness goals!  Find out more about my virtual fit club accountability groups here and follow my journey at Angel Ballance – Life Fit Mama Facebook Page

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