GIVEAWAY + LOVE Countdown to Christmas

It’s a GIVEAWAY!  Plus!  ♡ The Love Thyself, Love Others ~ Countdown to Christmas Challenge ♡ 21 days of HEALTH – faith, fitness, friendships, food, fun, and family! Join me in a private accountability group right after Thanksgiving for a Countdown to Christmas! For 21 days, we will live each day in Gratefulness & GraciousnessContinue reading “GIVEAWAY + LOVE Countdown to Christmas”

Super Sampler

Can’t decide which flavor to buy? Then this is the perfect way to try all of Shakeology’s flavors before committing to a full-size bag or combo box. Each Super Sampler pack contains 6 single-serve packets of Shakeology: 1 Chocolate, 1 Vanilla, 1 Strawberry, 1 Greenberry, 1 Chocolate Vegan, 1 Tropical Strawberry Vegan CLICK HERE FOR SHAKEOLOGY SUPER SAMPLER.Continue reading “Super Sampler”

3 Quick Fixes for Your Shake #BoostUp

Shakes are a great, go-to fast food for me, helping me get an entire nutrient-packed meal or post workout snack in whenever I need it – especially when running out the door to get kids to school, after an exhausting workout, or for a lazy, no-cooking dinner night at home.  😉 I will often use my shakesContinue reading “3 Quick Fixes for Your Shake #BoostUp”

My Daily “For Sure”

I’ve been asked what supplements I take,  whether I eat 100% “clean” or paleo, GF or IIFYM, if I take Vitamin E’s, B’s, A’s, probiotics or what… LOL… So, here goes… I drink a shake a day. One Shakeology a day is my “for sure” daily intake. ♡♡♡♡♡ I no longer buy all the extraContinue reading “My Daily “For Sure””

{ Healthy } French Toast

Straight away after completing the 3 Day Refresh, I really could not WAIT to try a Healthy French Toast recipe I’d been eyeing inside the Fixate cookbook, which sits conveniently in the corner of my kitchen counter, between the stove, the blender, and our stash of Shakeology goodies. Not one to usually WANT to cookContinue reading “{ Healthy } French Toast”

Cherry Bomb Cocoa Delight

It’s creamy deliciousness when you combine your Vanilla and Chocolate Shakeology scoops together with frozen cherries and a bit of banana! The bomb-diggity right here LOL. :roll:😜 layer into blender: 1c. Ice 1/2c. Water 1/2 scoop vanilla shakeology 1/2 scoop chocolate shakeology 1/2 c. frozen unsweetened cherries 1/4 large banana or 1/2 small 1/2.c almondContinue reading “Cherry Bomb Cocoa Delight”

The First 30 lbs – How I Did It { Nutritionally Speaking }

MY PERSONAL NUTRITION & WEIGHT LOSS Nutrition since starting with Beachbody and Shakeology has become so much easier for me.  Working out definitely is a huge component, but I believe building a lifestyle of good nutrition and eating habits is 80% of the groundwork necessary to lose weight AND maintain it in a healthy way.  TheseContinue reading “The First 30 lbs – How I Did It { Nutritionally Speaking }”


CLICK HERE OR THE IMAGE ABOVE TO VIEW MY SHORT VIDEO ON YOUTUBE So, this weekend I wanted to shout from the rooftops and dance all over the house with my kids because when I stepped on the scale and pulled out my measuring tape, recording my measurements for the week…. it suddenly occurred toContinue reading “MY SUDDEN WEEKEND REALIZATION… I’VE LOST MORE THAN 30 LBS & AT LEAST 3 DRESS SIZES with Beachbody & Shakeology”

21 Day Fix / 21 Day Fix EXTREME

Hold On to your Hats, Y’all, cause I’m going EXTREME this month! As of TODAY I can say that I have officially lost over 30 pounds and at least 3 dress sizes since starting with Beachbody & Shakeology in July 2014, and while my journey began with PiYo, 21 Day Fix was definitely a part of it!  21Continue reading “21 Day Fix / 21 Day Fix EXTREME”